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Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void

minant within The Gateway, waiting for their chance to escape and wreak havoc on the universe. Now, with Petrichor V under their control, the fate of the entire galaxy hangs in the balance. Here are five press release ideas centered around this thrilling storyline:

"Petrichor V Falls into Darkness: The Gateway to The Void Unleashes Chaos"
Highlight the dramatic turn of events as The Gateway to The Void unleashes its corrupting power, engulfing Petrichor V in darkness. Emphasize the high stakes and the imminent threat posed by The Void Creatures.

"The Battle for Petrichor V: Heroes Rise to Face The Void Creatures"
Focus on the heroic efforts of individuals or groups who have taken up the challenge to combat The Void Creatures and restore light to Petrichor V. Showcase their bravery and determination in the face of overwhelming odds.

"Unleashing the Void: The Gateway's Ancient Secrets Revealed"
Explore the history and origins of The Gateway to The Void, delving into its mysterious past and the reasons behind its corrupting power. Offer readers an intriguing glimpse into the lore and mythology surrounding this cosmic phenomenon.

"Darkness Spreads: The Void Creatures' Reign of Terror on Petrichor V"
Provide a detailed account of the chaos and devastation caused by The Void Creatures on Petrichor V. Highlight specific incidents, such as attacks on cities or the planet's natural resources, to illustrate the dire consequences of their presence.

"The Call for Interstellar Unity: Petrichor V's Plight Reverberates Across the Galaxy"
Shift the focus to the broader implications of Petrichor V's descent into darkness. Discuss how this event has galvanized neighboring planets and civilizations, prompting them to unite in the fight against The Void Creatures. Highlight the importance of solidarity and cooperation in overcoming this cosmic threat.


  1. The Gateway to The Void has opened! The corrupting power it contained has engulfed Petrichor V and plunged the planet into darkness. For millennia, The Void Creatures have grown dominant by taking artifacts from our realm to theirs. Now they look to add you to their collection.

  2. Bring your friends on the adventure! Only one player is required to own Survivors of the Void to enable the monsters, levels, and items to appear in-game for the whole lobby. Players without Survivors of the Void will be unable to select the two new survivors or permanently unlock new items, logbooks, or other content.

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