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In a not-so-distant future, the world has become a battleground for various factions fighting for control and dominance. Amidst this chaos, a renowned military strategist named General Markov forms an elite squad known as "The Vanguard" to counter the growing threat of an extremist organization called "The Legion."

"The Vanguard" is a multinational force consisting of highly skilled soldiers from different countries, each bringing their unique expertise to the table. The squad is equipped with state-of-the-art weapons, vehicles, and advanced communication systems, allowing them to coordinate their efforts seamlessly.

The story begins with the squad's first mission, as they are deployed to a war-torn city in Eastern Europe. The Legion has taken control of the city, using it as a stronghold to launch attacks on neighboring regions. The Vanguard's objective is to infiltrate the city, neutralize high-value targets, and gather intelligence to dismantle the Legion's operations.

As the squad enters the city, they face intense resistance from the Legion's well-trained soldiers. The combat is gritty and intense, with bullets flying and explosions rocking the streets. The Vanguard relies on their squad-based tactics, utilizing cover, suppression fire, and coordinated movements to gain the upper hand.

Throughout the mission, the squad faces numerous challenges, including ambushes, sniper fire, and booby-trapped buildings. They encounter civilians caught in the crossfire, forcing them to make difficult decisions to minimize collateral damage. The squad's medic, Sergeant Ramirez, plays a crucial role in saving lives and ensuring the team's survival.

As the mission progresses, the squad discovers a hidden agenda behind the Legion's actions. They uncover evidence of a powerful weapon being developed in the city, capable of causing mass destruction. Realizing the catastrophic consequences if it falls into the wrong hands, the Vanguard shifts their focus to preventing its activation.

With time running out, the squad engages in a desperate race against the clock, fighting their way through heavily fortified enemy positions. They face off against the Legion's elite soldiers, including their enigmatic leader, General Volkov. The battles become more intense, pushing the squad to their limits.

In a climactic showdown, the Vanguard manages to disable the weapon just moments before it can be activated. However, General Volkov escapes, leaving the squad with a sense of unfinished business. The mission is a success, but they know their fight against the Legion is far from over.

The story concludes with the Vanguard regrouping and preparing for their next mission. They realize that their efforts are just a small part of a larger conflict, and they must continue to fight for peace and stability in a world torn apart by war. With their unwavering determination and unmatched skills, the squad stands ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

Squad is a large-scale first-person combined arms 40v40 shooter that places a heavy emphasis on realistic squad-based combat. Promising a dynamic and visceral gaming experience, Squad pits large teams of players against one another in huge, sprawling maps. Depending on your role on the battlefield, you can call-in aerial support, build entrenchments, or simply engage in open combat. Communicate with your team and reign supreme!

    Combined arms 40v40 multiplayer
    Huge, sprawling maps featuring various factions
    Granular building system that allows player fortifications
    Focus on cooperation and communication

Combined arms 40v40 multiplayer
Have you ever wanted to play a realistic milsim FPS that features large-scale multiplayer combat with vehicles, strategic emplacements, and a great gameplay loop? Squad is the answer to your call. This incredible FPS represents the pinnacle of military multiplayer gaming, and ensures that you’re always on your toes, even when you’re digging up trenches and placing sandbags.

Huge, sprawling maps featuring various factions
Squad’s maps are significantly large, and traversal makes for an important part of gameplay. Plan out your routes, commandeer various vehicles, and brace for dangerous combat encounters that could come out of nowhere. In most cases, one shot equals one kill, which means there’s little room for mistakes when push comes to shove. With a number of unique factions facing off against one another, you always have a variety of special equipment to tinker around with.

Granular building system that allows player fortifications
Take advantage of Squad’s huge maps by building your own forward operating bases. Place sandbags, HESCOs, razor wire, and other such implements, and then situate strategic hardpoints such as heavy machine guns and anti-tank guns. Don’t let the enemy get the upper hand with vehicles, and use the terrain to your advantage.


  1. Focus on cooperation and communication
    Like any other milsim, Squad places a heavy emphasis on communication between players. To cooperate with your teammates and come out on top, you’re going to have to follow the chain of command and coordinate your efforts as the situation continuously and mercilessly evolves and devolves around you.

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